Carey takes next step closer to her dream

Photo Courtesy: Lanie Carey 25

Photo Courtesy: Lanie Carey ’25

Samantha Beam

   As Lanie Carey ‘25 takes the next step in her high school career, she decided to enroll in the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC).

   Carey has always had an interest in animals, especially sea animals. After high school, she wants to pursue a career in Marine Biology and work closely with animals and make sure they are safe.

   “Once I graduate college I want to move out to the Carlines and spend all my time researching and helping the animals,” Carey said.

   When Carey found out about the DACC programs she knew it was a golden opportunity. She has enrolled and has been accepted into the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium School. She hopes to learn more about herself and how she will approach her future career through her last two years of high school.

   “Learning that I could work hands-on with animals made me excited for school again, made me feel like I will be making a direct impact with my future,” Carey said. 

   She will spend half a day at Berlin high school and half at DACC. She hopes to still get the most out of her high school experience and most importantly the best for her education. Carey loves to go to Friday football games with friends and the occasional pep rally. She is excited to meet other people from different schools and backgrounds, who all share the same interest and wanted skill sets. 

   She knew she wanted to work with animals from a young age and always wanted to help. She likes to watch National Geographic documentaries and learn about how our environment is affected by what we do as humans. She also loves to watch how animals travel and migrate due to the environment.