Finch app brightens up teens’ mental health

Sarah Scholl

Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

   The Finch Self-Care app helps everyone stay on track with mental health and productivity. 

   The app allows users to get a virtual pet finch to be their “best friend for self-care.”  Once you get the finch, you get to name it and pick its color. Then the finch acts as a partner in your self-care journey.

   This app helps your self-care routine because it allows you to make goals and help you stick to them. Every time you complete a goal, you earn energy and sometimes rainbow stones. This means that every time the user gets something done, it benefits them and their pet finch. 

   Another cool aspect of the app is the reflections. There are many ways to reflect. One way is after you complete a task. The reflections help people keep a positive mindset and calm down when they feel overwhelmed. Isabelle Armstrong ‘23 uses the Finch app and has loved all the features the app offers. 

   “It’s a good way to make your self-care journey a lot more fun,” Armstrong said. 

   The Finch app has helped a lot of people. A popular feature of the app is how the users can set goals. This helps with school, work, and anytime you need to get something done. Also, just like the other aspects, completing a goal benefits you and your finch. 

   The goals help people get things done and provide some of the motivation they need to succeed. The app also encourages morning and night check-ins and provides messages throughout the day. You can set a time for a greeting in the morning as well as at night for a reminder to get to bed early. Then throughout the day, your finch will send messages about how great you are. 

   The Finch app even allows you to work with friends. Every journey is confidential from other users but you can friend other people with the app and send “good vibes.” This allows you to send motivational messages or reminders to friends that are on a similar journey as you. Also, your friend’s finch can hang out with your finch!

   Overall, the Finch app is a great way to improve mental health and learn time management. With over a million downloads, the Finch app is here to help you with your needs so you should try it out! It is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.