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Best softball equipment to buy

 If you or someone you know is just getting started playing softball this is some of the best equipment to buy for the upcoming season. 

   The first thing you need is a glove. I have had many gloves in my life. When buying a glove you need to think about how long you have to break it in, which can be a long and time-consuming process, and what position you play. The size of the glove is determined by age.


This chart shows what size glove you need for your age. Did you know it could take many months to break in a new glove?

         My all-time favorite glove is the 2024 Easton Professional Collection 12.5-inch infield/outfield glove. It’s a lightweight easy-to-use glove with a big pocket perfect for infield and outfield use.

   Arguably the most important piece of equipment is a bat. The bat I use is the 2022 Easton Ghost bat -10. 

   “I use the Ghost Advanced bat because it is lightweight with quality pop,” Izzy Duperow ‘27 said.

   The only downside about Ghost bats is they are hollow which gives them great exit speed and more sweet spots but also they are prone to break and crack. So an amazing alternative is the Louisville slugger FR LXT. They are made up of a single-disc composite barrel. This provides a larger sweet spot. 

   When looking at what length and drop to get the most foolproof way is to go in and test out. But if this is not an option take a tape measure and go from the center of your chest to your fingertips. As for the drop, it’s a personal preference the higher the drop amount the lighter the bat. If you are just starting I would recommend beginning at a high drop and gradually increasing the weight over time.

   Another thing to take into account when buying a bat, is the age of the player. As the pitchers and overall game get faster you might want to consider buying a composite bat. Aluminum bats are better for younger kids but composite bats are more of a lightweight material better for faster pitchers. 

    A fun piece of equipment you can buy but is not necessary is a Blast. It’s a small piece of technology that goes on the knob of your bat and can show you your bat path and tell you what you need to fix.


  This is the bat path that Blast shows you. After your swing, your phone shows you your bat path and it would be either green for good, yellow for fine, and red for bad. 

   The equipment I link is often very expensive and more of an investment piece. You can find these things at any local play-it-again sports or anywhere where that offers gently used equipment. Softball is an amazing game that anyone can play with the right equipment!

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