Predict 2023 trends


Photo Courtesy: Pexels

Avery McBride

   We have all followed a trend at one point or another and they always come and go. So the big question is what will trend in 2023. I will make a few predictions on what I believe will trend this year whether it be fashion, apps, new gadgets, recipes, etc. let’s get into it.

   First, let’s start with gadgets. This year Apple will release the iPhone 15 in several fun colors such as pink/rose gold, purple, and blue, as well as the classic black, white, and gray. Although this iPhone will be newer, one of the models will be smaller or the same size as the iPhone 14 mini. To keep on the theme of Apple, I believe new AirPods will also be released similar to the Airpods Max, just slightly updated and more comfortable.

   Now let’s get into apps. So many people of the younger generations have a popular social media platform whether it’s TikTok or Snapchat. This year these apps will see a high they haven’t before and will compete with each other to a whole new level. I don’t believe any new apps will be abducted into the spotlight, but I do believe the existing trending platforms will become more of a beast in the scheme of sociality.

   Now social media can cause long-term mental health problems which is something that seems to be very prominent in today’s society mainly in teens. This year I believe we will have one of two impacts on mental health. Either we will band together to solve the problem or more and more kids will experience depression, body dysmorphia, and the list goes on, and I for one hope we can try to heal our society.

   To get off of the topic of social media and technology, let’s get into recipes. I will not go into specifics, but I believe a newly discovered recipe will go viral similar to the whipped coffee or Lizzo’s fruit cereal. There will most likely be more sweet recipes that get attention rather than those that are savory. Crumbl, one of the businesses in the spotlight, will have several repeat cookies this year though this could be better for business as brings back some old favorites.

   Something most teenage girls know a lot about is makeup and skincare. I feel Fenty beauty will be more popular than ever and serums will be worked into everyone’s daily routine. I don’t have much on this topic so let’s move on.

   Entertainment and streaming services are at an all-time peak and will just get more popular with time, and more companies will hop on the trend for the revenue it contains. I believe Netflix will continue to be the most popular streaming service this year and at least one more company will join the fight for the best streaming service.

   Let’s get into the fashion aspect-my favorite. First, metallics and mesh will make a total comeback. Not only that, but mom jeans are all the rage right now. I can’t help but think about what will be the next trending jean and I think it’s not going to change for a while because of the popularity of the wide-leg style.

   I hope you have an amazing year, we will see if any of my predictions were right!