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The Lakes Golf & Country Club exits the Homecoming scene

   In anticipation of the influx of unwelcome high school visitors during the fall months, Westerville’s The Lakes Golf & Country Club released a statement banning non-members’ access to the property.

   The number of photo-taking hopefuls has grown over the years, to the point where the safety of Highland Lakes homeowners, golfers, and even the students themselves are threatened.

   “While we appreciate that many community members enjoy the beauty of the Club for their photo destination, as a business and private Club our priority is to make sure our membership has safe access to all Club amenities throughout the year,” The Lakes Membership and Communications Director, Bri Quick said.

   According to Quick, students who still choose to take pictures at The Lakes will be escorted off the property by security hired solely for this occasion. Club members are allowed access to facilities and have made reservations to do so.

   Even with The Lakes out of the picture, there are plenty of other options for your Homecoming pictures. Sarah Butler, photographer of Sarah Butler Photography, scoped out some alternatives. Although these locations aren’t local, Butler believes they are worth the drive. For floral scenery, consider Inniswood Metro Parks or Highbanks. Both of these options have plenty of trails and photo ops. 

   “When you walk into the main entrance of Inniswood, right after the Gazebo, there’s these really pretty evergreens. If you go inside where all the trees are, it’s shaded and it’s cool and it looks like you’re in Seattle,” Butler said.

   Have a dinner reservation downtown? Beautiful spaces are housed by the Columbus Conservatory, including a topiary garden. For an urban vibe, the Columbus Commons would also be a good spot. Some closer urban locations include Downtown Worthington, Italian Village, Victorian Village, or German Village. The brick-lined streets of German Village would make for a lovely string of photos.

   This inconvenience may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. OBHS parent, Erin Bush recalls the nightmare that was Homecoming photos at The Lakes. 

   “Anytime you take a picture there’s a million other people in the background and you can’t find your kids and you can’t find your kid’s friends. It’s going to be a good thing for a lot of people,” Bush said.

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