Claire Emanuel encapsulates Double Blue spirit


Teresa Barger

   With hopes to leave her mark on the Berlin community, Claire Emanuel ‘24 is ready to step into her role as President of Student Council, Captain of the Girls Tennis Team, Co-president of French Club, and Co-president of Books for Bears.

   Over the past three years, Emanuel has led the class of 2024 to success with her participation in a large array of Berlin clubs and activities such as Letters for Rose, Drama Club, Claw Team, Class Cabinet, National Honor Society, Stocks and Investment Club, Interact Service Club, and choir.

   Emanuel’s Berlin Pride is not just forever, it is immeasurable. From Wacky Wednesday spirit days to dance choreography in a musical, she is sure to capitalize on the electrifying climate at Berlin. 

   “Everyone’s school spirit just gives me so much serotonin,” Emanuel said. “Berlin is just such a nice place to be and there’s a togetherness here that you don’t get at other schools.”

   It is her contagious enthusiasm and captivating presence that awarded her the leadership positions she plans to use to better her community.

   “Being a part of so many groups has helped me with being able to know a lot of different people and being able to listen and learn from people that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Emanuel said. “It’s been great to see a lot of people’s perspectives on stuff and be able to help through my connection to other clubs and activities.”

   With inclusivity at the forefront of her mind, she wants to prioritize the connection between members from different clubs and the rest of the student body so that everyone’s ideas are heard.

   “Because I’m in a lot of different clubs, I am able to do things with other clubs like integrate different ideas together,” Emanuel said.

   She already began to solidify Student Council plans for the first semester of the next school year.

   “We’ll be trying to get things ready for homecoming, especially since it’s coming pretty quickly next year, we’ll be making sure people are able to participate in the hallway decorating and things like that,” Emanuel said.

   She applauds the progress preceding Student Council leaders made, and now begins to set goals for her own presidency next year, such as amplified public outreach.

  “We can put more on our social media, make more posters, more fundraisers, and try to get more things on BNN,” Emanuel said. “Really just trying to get students more involved with better organization from us.”

   Full of gratitude, she reflects on the memories she shared with her Bear family and awaits the year of “lasts” she has ahead of her.

   “Senior year is very bittersweet,” Emanuel said. “I’m most looking forward to all the senior activities like senior breakfast where we’ll get to really bond with the rest of the senior class before we go. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, but I’m also excited to be able to go out and do what I can in the world as well.”

   With only one year left on her journey at Berlin, Emanuel provides her seasoned insight for underclassmen on how to make the most of the next few years.

   “Don’t be scared of getting into activities,” Emanuel said. “It’s so much better to go out and do more since you want to have the whole Berlin experience. Go out of your comfort zone because you may find things you never thought you’d enjoy and you’ll learn a lot about yourself.”