Bears unveil senior hallway crushes


Teresa Barger and Megan Friece

   The admiration anonymous underclassmen have for these seniors is ever-noticeable. Check out the rest of the senior crushes from The Bulletin’s Senior Issue below!

Ryan Johnson

Tall and handsome.”

“Handsome fella.”

“He has an amazing sense of fashion.”

“Funny guy.”

“He’s like 7 ft tall.”

“He can dunk the basketball.”


“Very tall.”

“Walks slow tall.”

“Incredibly tall and handsome fellow.”

“His eyes.”



“Cute and handsome.”

Maysa Holloway

“She’s just so beautiful. She constantly takes my breath away when she utters a word. Her bright golden hair and a delicious smile that sparkles in the sunshine. She lights up any room she walks into but I don’t think she even realizes it. She doesn’t even know how beautiful she is and that’s the best part. I’m in love with her and I want her to know.”

Sooooooooooo fine and kind and awesome and silly and amazing and sweet and funny.”

Jane Spelman

“She’s gorgeous and has incredible style.”

“She’s so gorgeous and confident.”

So kind and stylish!”

Audrey Butcher

“She’s just so cute.”


Marin Curry

“She always looks good at school and has the best smile.”

“Her hair.”

Preston Perkins

“He seems like a really nice and cool person.”


Charishma Buchireddy

“She is so pretty.”

“She has really pretty eyes.”

Evan Fabrizio



Kyle Jackowski


“He’s super cute.”

Maddie Eckman

“The way her eyes sparkle.”


Casey Williams

“It’s Casey, everyone loves Casey.”


Sydney Davis

“Her eyes.”


Griffin White

“Tall, baseball, nice tattoos.”


Mukunda Kasa

“He’s very cool and smart.”


Kofi Owusu-Gyamfi



Nina Krupar

“How she looks in biker shorts.”


Gracie Dahlke

“She’s so beautiful, she makes my day better every time I’m heading to class.”


Hailey Akey

“She’s so pretty and has great style.”

“She has a great smile and laugh.”

“She is so pretty and has great style.”

Tyson Wooddell



Nate Hurley



Moses Murphy



Gavin Moore



Logan Fate



Caden Sutton



Tyler Owens



Alexander Perry



Jared Moeller



Jonah Gregg

“He’s dreamy.”

Braeden Bornino

Aiden Miller