Phipps sprints towards success


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Kaleigh Lockard

Bella Phipps is the current female 800m record holder.

   Phipps started to run three years ago and runs around 25 miles per week through all weather. She races the 800 meters, occasionally the 400 meters and one mile, and the 1200 meters DMR. 

   Phipps set her records last season with a 2:25 outdoor and a 2:28 indoor. Her DMR also hit a personal record. This season she hopes to break her outdoor record for closer to a 2:20 800 meter race and for the 1200 meter relay race to drop one minute.

   “It would be great to go to states, but this year I want to focus on having fun and bonding with others instead of obsessing over going to states because you miss so much if you worry about this ‘one dream’ all the time,” Phipps said.

   Not only does Track require a physical demand but also a mental challenge. The struggle to get to practice everyday and know that they will have to run three, five, six, seven miles isn’t easy. Occasionally, they will  run through harsh winds, rain, snow, and below freezing temperatures which requires a lot of mental willpower.

   She puts in so much work every day and truly pushes herself to be the best that she can be. 

   Phipps said, “I do not have ´natural ability´ in running distance, so I know what it is like to have to work extra hard. I also think I had to start out not being good when I was younger to really appreciate how things will never be handed to me. It truly makes my successes all the more meaningful.”

   It wasn’t an easy start on the high school team either. It took time to get to know the others on the team and really bond with them but in the end everything made her a better runner, athlete, and person.