Rizzo begins her Berlin basketball journey


Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

Maddie Haugk

   Freshman Kate Rizzo has played basketball for most of her life, so when she had the opportunity to join the Berlin Junior Varsity girl’s basketball team, she had no hesitation.

   Rizzo’s first experience was when she played basketball in first grade through a church league. She continued to play in elementary school and for the Berkshire teams in seventh and eighth grade.

   Rizzo’s coaches and teammates have been supportive of her this year and have always encouraged her to improve. This kind of encouraging environment helps her and her teammates to grow as basketball players and as people. 

   Rizzo’s favorite memories from this season so far is to spend time with her teammates and when they sangs on the bus ride home from away games.

   She plays point guard and shooting guard for the Bears. For Rizzo, the basketball transition from middle to high school was a great experience. At the high school level, it has gotten more intense but also a lot more fun.  She enjoys being able to have more playing time when she is able to play up to varsity. With this, athletes can play up to six quarters per day.    

   Some of her biggest inspirations come from collegiate player Paige Buekers who is currently plays for the Uconn Huskies and her father. Rizzo’s dad coached her elementary school travel team. He has been one of her biggest supporters throughout her basketball journey and has always pushed her to get better. 

   Some advice that Rizzo gives to younger players comes from high school coach Tim Notke., 

   “Hard work meets talent when talent fails to work hard,” Rizzo said.