Tennis makes friendships


Vidisha Patel

   Varsity doubles player Clara Torlone makes many bonds through tennis. 

   Both of Torlone’s sisters played on the Berlin tennis team when they were in high school. They all learned tennis from their dad, who played tennis in college. 

   “Both my sisters took the opportunity to learn tennis from him for a few years. As soon as it was my turn to start a sport in seventh grade, I started learning [tennis] that summer with my dad,” Torlone said.

   She came to the team as a freshman who wanted to meet new people. As she met new people on the team her bonds with everyone grew. She still talks to people on the team outside of tennis. 

   “It’s fun to see each other at school and remember all the fun times that we had and the friendships that we built throughout the whole [tennis] season,” Torlone said.

   Torlone and freshman tennis player Faith Burns friendship has grown immensely through tennis. They have known each other since they were both on the tennis team in middle school. As the years went on they have grown closer and closer.

   “Tennis has also given us more opportunities to spend time together and simultaneously get to know each other,” Burns said. 

   Torlone has bonded with people she probably wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for tennis. She has met her doubles partner Tapie Smith and the two captains of the team Siri Ponna and Claire Emanuel. 

   Torlone hopes to make more bonds with new players on the team and also make her bonds with others on the team stronger.