Berlin swim team creates family atmosphere

Photo Credit: Michelle Delligati

Photo Credit: Michelle Delligati

Sarah Scholl

   The Berlin Swim Team is full of energy and they continue to encourage each other every day. 

   Senior Nicolas Manrique ‘23 loves to be on the swim team. Throughout his time on the team he has made many friends. Manrique beamed about the family atmosphere of the swim team and how it is very special. 

   “The most rewarding part of swim would have to be the wonderful relationships I’ve made,” Manrique said. 

   He explained that swimming is a great experience that everyone should try. There are different types of things you can do on the swim team as well. So, there is something for everyone. 

   “Pretty much anyone can join,” Manrique said. 

   Throughout swim meets and practices the members of the team get a chance to bond. They often learn from each other and take time to praise their achievements.  They have a close bond. 

   “We’re proud of each other and we celebrate each other,” Manrique said. 

   The Swim Team brings people together. While the swimmers are alone in their lanes, the team still works together as one.

   “At the end of the day, each individual race earns points for the team.  It’s all about the team,” Manrique said. 

   The team continues to push hard in and out of the water. They find ways to show their spirit and stay excited, even on nerve-racking competition days. The swim team likes to get hyped and stay pumped to keep teammates engaged.

   “We always do our swim cheer and then like three or four of us just start screaming our heads off from adrenaline and of all the Berlin Pride we have,” Manrique said. 

   The Berlin Swim Team definitely holds enthusiasm and that is because they spend lots of time together. One of his favorite memories was when they got to play sharks and minnows. They had a blast. 

   “We have a ton of team bonding built into the program,” Manrique said. 

   The Swim Team works hard in order for it to pay off at meets. They often have longer and more frequent practices to get their techniques down. 

   “Swim team takes dedication, a lot of time gets put into it,” Manrique said.

   Swim meets are special to the swimmers because they finally get to show off their skills from practices. Manrique has enjoyed his meets and the chance to compete. He feels special in the water.

   “There’s a moment of pure concentration. You’re going as hard as you can, you’re putting your body, soul, and mind into your swim.  Then you come out and you’re absolutely sore, but you did it.  It’s the most wonderful feeling,” Manrique said. 

   As he makes his way through senior year, this is Manrique’s last time on the Berlin Swim Team.  He has learned so much and has made memories from his experiences on the team. 

   “I will never give up swimming,” Manrique said.