Humans of Berlin January


Teresa Barger and Rachel Bjorkman

What are your thoughts on having to pay for Quizlet Plus?

“Paying for Quizlet Plus is stupid,” Carly Wester ‘26 said. “I didn’t use it very often before and now I don’t use it at all. I just use flashcards cause that’s what I used on Quizlet. A lot of people were probably affected because it was a very good study tool and many people won’t buy it now.”

“It’s unfair and I personally don’t like it because of how you have to have Quizlet Plus to use Quizlet at all,” Allison Nicolosi ‘25 said. “I used to use it pretty often for every test and now I don’t use it at all.”

“Quizlet Plus is bad. I would use Quizlet every night before a test, but now I don’t use it at all,” Thomas Weng ‘23 said. 

Have you experienced the third quarter slump? If so, what are you doing to combat it? / What keeps you motivated during the winter?

“I kind of always do,” Addyson Tharp ‘24 said. “Basically, I just try to create time to study more.”

How is celebrating the new year and making resolutions different now than it was when you were a teenager?

“Now I’m much more likely to stay in and do something much smaller with family and friends,” Mrs. Mclellen said. “I think I make less resolutions too, but I’m more purposeful with them.”