Berlin Bears fight for the Cure


Ava Vaught

   Berlin DECA students organized events to help support the American Cancer Association. 

   They collaborated with the girl’s soccer team, as well as the football team, and held events and fundraisers throughout the week. Some of these included a bake sale, coffee bar, raffle basket, and pink-out shirt sales. Students Lyla Barnhart ‘23, Livi Reed ‘23, and Britton Bonomo ‘23, dedicated a lot of their time to the preparation behind these events and even partnered with the school store, The Bears Den, to help fundraise with the pink-out shirts. 

   “I would say it was stressful and fun at the same time, it was really fun and inspiring to raise money for such a good cause. There was so much going on the whole week and we had a lot of responsibility but knowing we were doing it for a such good cause gave us the motivation to raise all that money,” Barnhart said. 

   The multiple athletic events that were held at Berlin include the girl’s soccer game on Oct. 11 with the Kick for the Cure Association and the football pink out game on Oct. 14. These events allowed Berlin DECA to receive over $5,000 to donate to and support the Kick for the Cure Association and The American Cancer Society.

   “I think it’s important because so many people battle cancer and affected by it,” Bonomo said.

   The Berlin community always lifts each other up and cares deeply about others in its community, especially victims of breast cancer and their families. It’s important to be a family and show support, which is how Berlin DECA was able to be so successful in the fundraisers for the two organizations. 

   “I feel that it is important that we raise awareness for the fight against cancer because cancer can affect anyone and the people who suffer with it need our support,” Reed said.

   Berlin DECA has held these fundraiser events for ACS since 2018 when the school opened and ever since, the program has been more successful each year. Reed, Bonomo, and Barnhart were incredibly successful in the organization of these different events and were able to get the attention of the Berlin community to show just how important it is to help raise awareness and fight against cancer.