Crocs make a comeback

Iva Horman, Intro Writer

   From the breathable holes to the sport mode strap, Crocs are back and better than ever. Crocs’ hashtag on the app TikTok has gone viral with over 4.7 billion views as well as multiple advertisements by famous tiktokers. 

   When Crocs announced the closing of over 160 of their retail stores and manufacturing facilities in 2018, it was looked to be the brand’s final collapse. The company seemed to be riding a rollercoaster of sales for a long time, but the style ultimately became worn out to consumers. Crocs made their original comeback with an endorsement by famous singer, Post Malone. Since the rebranding and just a few years after the announcements of closings, Crocs has risen to one of the top brands of footwear since being 30th in 2017. 

   “I love my crocs and how breathable they are, especially after I play a sweaty softball game. I really want another pair,” Jocelyn Franz ‘23 said.

   Crocs have increased their revenue 25 percent since just 2020 and increased sales 12 percent in the last months of 2020. On the fringe of bankruptcy in 2018, Crocs is viewed as one of the must-have footwear brands of 2021.