Ultimate guide to Sanrio’s most loveable characters

Original image by Jocelyn Lawson

Original image by Jocelyn Lawson

Jocelyn Lawson

Sanrio, a company that makes cute simple characters and is most notably known for Hello Kitty. A staple of many childhoods and aesthetics, Sanrio constantly puts out new characters to bless the hearts of viewers and collectors alike. Even you may know some Sanrio characters without knowing the company it’s under. So let’s dive into Sanrio and its many adorable characters.

The company Sanrio was founded on August 10, 1960 in Yamanashi Japan under founder Shintaro Tsuji. At first it was known as Yamanashi Silks, a company made to sell cute strawberry designs for gifts before they established and switched to Sanrio in April of 1973. A few months later in December they established Sanrio Film Production in the US. The first Sanrio film shown to American audiences was ‘Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater’ where it stuck with many viewers. After that lovely history recap, let’s look into the characters of Sanrio!

I doubt such a famous character needs explanation but as one of the most well known Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty should have the first introduction. Created in 1974, Hello Kitty is well known as the star character of her tv show ‘Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater’ and as the first US made Sanrio character. Hello Kitty is described as a cheerful and happy girl with a heart of gold who likes to bake delicious cookies and apple pie.

   The next character is a fan favorite, known for being the star of ‘Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll’ and being Cafe Cinnamon’s mascot created in 2001 by Miyuki Okamura. Cinnamoroll is described as a dog with big fluffy ears that allow him to fly. He is shy, very friendly and is prone to naps.

1975 saw the start of Sanrios rival duo MyMelody and Kuromi, MyMelody being the first to be introduced as Kuromi came out in 2005. Famous across fan art, aesthetic edits and fashion this duo brings the cute and themischievous out of everyone. MyMelody, character on the right, is known for being kind, optimistic, calm and Hello Kitty’s best friend. Kuromi though is described as a mischievous tomboy who through her tough exterior is quite girly.

The next friendly face made his debut in 1988. Keroppi is famous through the different Hello Kitty series and drew in many fans through his cute bubbly design and personality. He’s described as energetic, active, kind and a very good swimmer. He’s also very smart and studious and was envied by many of his acquaintances for being a higher achiever than the rest.